28 Days to Extraordinary Vitality and Performance!
What Is The 1% Project 
How do you go about achieving extraordinary vitality and performance on a daily basis?
Well, it's simple, but not necessarily easy. When I was in Los Angeles in January 2014, I saw this quote painted on the outside of CrossFit Costa Mesa - it summed it up for me.
“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it!” – Art Williams 
Everything we do over the coming 28 days will have simple, profound, long-term value. No one thing done sporadically and in isolation will deliver the goods - ever.

The miracles happen when you commit your whole heart and soul to every one percent, in every moment of every day! I will walk you through every one percent I know, and I invite you to contribute any one percent you know too!
Becoming extraordinary won't happen overnight, nothing of true value ever does. It will happen incrementally, steadily and completely as you explore, learn, apply, grow and change.
That's what I promise you. Give this next 28 days 100% of your passion and commitment.

Don't rush, push or second guess, simply trust the process and do the work as prescribed.
You will be doing a lot of assessments and leg work in the first period of the 1% Project - a lot of self-reflection and awareness raising will happen in this period, change must begin here. There will be work, tasks and all manner of valuable tools and information to keep you motivated and stimulated toward your goals. 

Living and breathing extraordinary vitality and performance means being mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually badass-fit; being ready for anything, living a passionate life, with no regrets; it means being willing to explore and change and laugh at oneself in the face of any adversity; it means having the strength and energy to pursue your dreams and goals, and be an example in your community. It means facing your fears and doing it anyway! It means being willing to do what others are not, every day!
Peak Performance in 28 Days
Daily Lessons to Unleash Your Potential
Physical Challenges 
28+ Training Guidance Videos
. 28+ Nutritional Recipes 
. Multiple Downloadable Worksheets
. Multiple Mental Challenges
. Multiple Self Assessments
. Multiple Nutritional Challenges 
. Champion Habits
. 28 Days to Physical, Mental, Nutritional, Mastery 
Embrace every one percent!!!
Limited Time Launch Special  
ONLY $147
Lifetime Access
After Launch $499 
I know of no other challenge or program that brings together what I am so excited to share with you.

This journey will be so much fun, so rewarding, extraordinarily supportive and a little confronting from time to time - as any period of change is!
The 1% Project brings together everything I have ever learned and developed over more than two decades as an elite athlete and woman on a gnarly journey toward realising my fullest potential!
This challenge is everything I wish someone could have offered me decades ago when I was suffering and desperately seeking the tools and secrets that would allow me to access my capacities and to become all that I am today.
Embrace every one percent, this is your life!

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect over the coming 28 days of Inspiration! 
Week 1
1 – Lifestyle Assessment / Chemical Maze / Chemical Free 
2 – CrossFit Assessment / Before Photos
3 – Strengths and Weaknesses & Lifestyle Wheel
4 – Food Dump List; Download App, Elimination Principles
5 – Nutrition Options
6 – Superfoods, Anti-inflammatory and Immune Boosting
7 – Hydration 
Week 2
8 – Supplements to Fuel the Beast, FAQs AA Diet
9 – Self-Analysis and Heart Rate / Weekly Schedule
10 – Sleep
11 – Recovery 
12 - Positivity Project
13 – Competition Diet
14 - Forging Mental Toughness
Week 3
15 – The Miracle of Muscle Testing  
16 – Reinventing Suffering
17 – Dream Boarding
18 – Warm Up / Ageing is BS - Win the War
19 - Injury Management – Simple Truths; Reinventing Suffering
20 - Mobilise Your Bits
21 - Daily F@#king Gratitude 
Week 4
22 – Areas of Life Review & Lifestyle Wheel Review
23 – Priorities
24 – Meditation Matters
25 – Are You a Winner?
26 – 20 Things Brain Dump
27 – Podcasts, Audio Books, Ted Talks, People to Follow
28 – Top 10 & Special Workout
Plus over 20 Daily Physical Challenges with videos and instructions
Who Is Amanda Allen?
• 1000km solo Run across outback Queensland, over 31 days: raising awareness for Suicide & Mental Illness

• 3 x Crossfit Games Champion (Masters 40-44, 2013,2014, 45-49, 2018) 

• 1 x Crossfit Games 3rd Place (Masters 40-44, 2015)

• 1 x CrossFit Games Individual Female Competitor, 18th, 2011

• 5 x CrossFit Games Athlete

• 5 x Regionals Athlete

• 1st Australian athlete contracted to the USA GRID League, team: Philadelphia Founders 2014

Athletic Achievements
1st, 2018 CrossFit Games (Masters 45-49)

3rd, 2016 Australian Strongman Championships
3rd, 2015 CrossFit Masters Games (40-44)
13th, 2015 Australian CrossFit Regionals
1st, 2014 CrossFit Games (Masters 40-44)
4th, 2014 Australian Crossfit Regionals
1st, 2014 Worldwide Crossfit Open (40-44)
5th, 2014 Australian Crossfit Open
53rd, 2014 Worldwide Crossfit Open
1st, 2013 CrossFit Games (Masters 40-44)
5th, 2013 Australian Crossfit Regionals
1st, 2013 Worldwide Crossfit Open (40-44)
5th, 2013 Australian Crossfit Open
11th, 2013 Worldwide Crossfit Open
4th, 2012 Australian Crossfit Regionals
4th, 2012 Australian Crossfit Open
49th, 2012 Worldwide Crossfit Open
19th, 2011 Crossfit Games (Individual) 
3rd, 2011 Australian Crossfit Regionals 
24, 2011 Australian Crossfit Open
492, 2011 Worldwide Crossfit Open
1st, 2011 SA C1 200m Canoeing Champs
1st 2011 Australian C2 200m Canoeing Champs
2nd, 2011 Australian C1 200m Canoeing Champs
1998 State, National, World Triathlon Titles (25-29)
2002 State, National Cycling Titles (Track Tandem)
2002 Qualified for Paralympics - Track Tandem
Level 2 CrossFit Coach
Level 2 Chek Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach
Level 1 Yoga Teacher
Cert IV in Holistic Psychology
Cert IV Master Trainer
Level 1 Reiki
Diploma of Massage
Bachelor of Management: Major in Operations and Logistics

Previous Work
Seminars, Workshops, 
Depression/Wellbeing Retreats
Online Performance Coaching
Lifestyle & Health Coaching
Online Wellbeing Challenges
Corporate Health
Wellbeing & Team Building programs
Recruit Firefighter,
Event Manager, 
Professional Triathlete
Personal Trainer
Massage Therapist
Yoga Instructor

Personal Struggles:
Suicidal Depression
Food Addictions

To all who have struggled to be become better than their negative habits and limiting beliefs.
 Here's What Other People Are Saying About Amanda:
Hayley W
"It's now 12.45am. I have just completed, honestly, the best book I've EVER read. I cried. I laughed. I sat on the edge of my seat. I grasped my heart. I covered my eyes and held my dogs close. I just finished reading your book. You are the most amazing person I've ever met. So much makes so much sense now. I understand stuff. My eyes have been opened and I'm not so harsh on myself. My attitude has changed. All these things for the good. I hope in the near future I can see you again just so I can tell you in person how much of a difference you've made to my life. Thank you so much!!! Really. Thank you!!! xxx "
Anton D
"I read your ebooks last night,............and wanted to send you a message about them, about what they contained, the emotion, the information, the inspiration.
...........I needed time to digest everything, I found myself quite emotional, sooky la la for a boy!!,.......my family love me for it, that is all that matters:)
I am not an elite athlete, and have not had the highs in success you have, however, your speak, your story, your journey resonates so clearly and grounded, I think it would not matter what level you were at, lessons would be learned from this.
My little team of champions that are 99% girls, well ladies, but we are all children at heart at training:) will benefit greatly, as I will strongly suggest they read your story, and it will also help me become better at helping them on their journey to strength and happiness."
Sarah T
"Hi Amanda, i have just finished reading your book “The Time of my life” & i just wanted to let you know how a lot of it rang true for me (other than the major part of being a world class athlete). Parts of your book had me in tears. From someone who will probably never realise their potential to someone who hasn’t let anything stand in her way, i just wanted to say thank you. I could go on but I don’t want to bore you. I just want you to know that you touch the lives of even the people who struggle through the mundane of everyday life. "
The Time of My Life is a story of a real life Wonder Woman on a courageous physical and deeply spiritual journey toward self-acceptance, worldly achievement and deep inner healing.
Over 230 pages of Amanda's gritty and insightful honesty takes a rocky road from suicidal depression, nasty health issues and alcoholism, to green vegetable juice, the Hugging Saint and dual Crossfit World Championship titles.
If you’ve ever felt lost, frustrated or confused by what to eat to achieve your personal goals, then Eat Perform Win is a straightforward, no bullshit, nutrition guide by two-time CrossFit Games Masters Champion Amanda Allen is what you’re looking for. The nutrition principles and information held within the pages of Eat Perform Win are priceless.
Keep your fitness and strength cranking with 28 days of Travelproof Wods. All you need is your skipping rope packed into your bag and 10-60 mins per day, and you are ready to travel the world.
These workouts will keep you strong, motivated, and entertained, no matter where you are in the world. No excuses!